80 Years and Still Counting…

We are an independently owned and operated liquor store. We have been serving the San Francisco East Bay community since 1935.

Ledgers’ is unique by standards set today as it is family-owned and operated.

We been in business for a long time. Grandpa and Grandma Ledger were going to open up a butcher shop. The end of Prohibition came, and they decided to see how they might do in the liquor business. Grandma and Grandpa Ledger hopped into their pick-up truck, and headed off for Sacramento. Since Grandpa didn’t like to drive fast. It took them half the day to get to Sacramento to apply for a liquor license, and half the day to get back to Berkeley.

They were approved and were issued the 14th liquor license in the state of California.

In 2002, Ed Ledger took over the operation of the store. Ed has spent the last ten years doing what he loves best, stocking his shelves and coolers until they feel like they are going to spill over.

What seemed like a lot of stuff in 2002 seems like nothing now. We are proud of our expansive selection, crowded shelves, and coolers. If you stop by the store, and can’t see what you are looking for, just ask Ed. If he can’t find it, he will do his best to track it down.

As Susan says from time to time, ‘what folks need to know is this business isn’t driven by corporate dictates. This is a business that is driven by the passion of Ed to make sure he finds what his customers are asking for.’

‘Homogenization may be good for milk, but not for small business’.wall