What Do We Carry?

A better question might be, ‘What don’t we carry?’

Obviously, the world of spirits, beer, and wine is expansive. Over the last 10 years, so many things have changed. Boutique distilleries, independent wineries, and micro brew distilleries have been popping up all over the place. This has been an exciting time for the spirit world.

Our focus changed significantly since Ed took over. Although we certainly stock the stuff the big box stores carry for your convenience, we are more interested in bringing what is harder to find and often, more obscure to our shelves and stockroom.

All around the world, there are unique distillations being developed and made. If you take it one step further, we are inviting you to travel around the world by tasting the different offerings from different countries.

If by chance, you travel to another country, and find ‘your favorite spirit’ and want to find it again, we will do our best track it down as long as it is still available.

When we tried to count all of the bottles in the store, we lost our way at 1,500, and decided it didn’t make sense to keep counting.

We can say this, we have more than 999 beers in stock, over 100 different whiskeys, 90 different vodkas, lots of kosher wine, a smattering of sodas and mixers, glassware with your favorite beer logos,


a crazy ass selection of miniature bottles, and more…








You might not have heard of the East Bay Study Group. Every once in awhile, we get together with the purpose of selecting a barrel to bottle up for all of you. Its a horrible thing to have to do, but, we slave over the samples weeding out what we don’t think you will like, and select the one that we think is best. Our first attempt went really well. We selected a barrel of Willets, bottled it up, and received really high marks from the Malt Advocate. From Willet Rye to Four Roses, Four Roses to Henry McKenna, we look forward to finding a beast that will encourage you to seek the muse.

Just to let you know, the folks of Ledger’s love dogs. If you see a jar of dog biscuits on the counter and have a dog, be sure to ask for one. Speaking of dogs and chow-hounds,  we really like to eat good food. Ed’s favorite channel is the Food Network, and he loves reading up on what is new in the world of food. Don’t be surprised if you find special spices or glaces on the shelves.

If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to call the store at 510 540-9243.  Ed may look like a ding-dong, but he does know his inventory.